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Obtaining a Visa for Canada can depend on many aspects and requirements: options vary according to age, duration of your stay and reason for travel.

To get a general idea, here is a short guide to temporary visas in Canada. Click on each Visa to get more info.


It is important to remember that Go Study Canada is not an immigration agency. We provide services to students who want to travel to Canada, but we’re not migration counsellors. You can study English, French, take a professional course or attend high school, university or a master degree.



With this type of visa, it is important to remember that your main reason for being in Canada must be studying. The working rights acquired with this visa, and work itself, must be considered added bonuses. Anyway, many students decide to work during their studies in order to supplement their income and/or gain experience abroad. If you are in Canada with a Study Permit, there are three options to work:

  • On Campus Work Opportunities;
  • Off Campus Work Permit;
  • Co-op / Internship Work Permit.

Tourist Visa

Up to 6 months

You are a tourist in Canada. It is possible to study for up to 6 months without a Study Permit, but you are not allowed to work. If you are travelling to Canada to study on a Tourist Visa, the Canadian government suggests you enter the country with a Study Permit to avoid bureaucratic issues if you want to extend your stay.


I want to find the best option for me!


If you want to work

Very popular Visa, granted to selected nationalities for young people aged 18 to 35. The Working Holiday Visa is created for those who want to travel, work and study in Canada. It’s the ideal visa if you want to enjoy the country freely. It lasts six months maximum and is designed more as a cultural exchange than anything else. There is a limited number of visas released each year.


I want to live in Canada!

there are different ways to become a permanent resident in Canada: one of the most popular is gaining a Sponsorship. It is important to consider that there is no real permanent visa. You can’t simply emigrate to Canada: you have to be accepted and that could take a lot of time, paperwork and requirements.

I want to work and study

I want to work

I want to visit Canada or stay there for less than 6 months