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STUDY IN CANADA: A unique experience!

Canada is a young and dynamic country, where young people find opportunities and where cultures mix. This is why Canada welcomes international students with open arms; they are one of its greatest assets. They add to the country’s cultural mix and growth prospects.

The open spaces, wild nature, and unique air: this is Canada!

WHY STUDY IN CANADA? Study options for everyone!

Whether you want to study English, French or at university, the quality of the education system is guaranteed and has few equals in the world.

You can choose to study practically anything in Canada, from a 4-week English course to a 2-year diploma to a university course and with everything in between.  Many cities are bilingual – English and French are spoken – and this only broadens your learning horizons.

In addition, Canada is one of the most open countries in terms of immigration for those who decide to invest in a course of study. If you want to make Canada your life destination, there are many possibilities!

Studying in Canada is an exciting and refreshing experience you can’t miss out on.

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STUDY PERMIT: The visa you need!

In order to be able to study in Canada, you need to have an appropriate visa. In most cases, students apply for a Study Permit.

If you wish to attend a course or a program that lasts less than 6 months, a study permit will not be necessary, but be careful not to go overboard. Studies must be completed within the prescribed period. In any case, the Government of Canada suggests that you obtain a study permit before entering the country – even if your situation does not require it – just in case you decide to continue your studies.

A Study Permit is compulsory for all courses lasting more than 6 months.

For detailed information, you can consult the section on our website dedicated to visas, the official website of Citizenship and Immigration of the Government of Canada www.cic.gc.ca, or contact the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy.