Go Study Canada

An internship in Canada can be the best way to enter the job market.

By doing an internship, you will learn how to work in Canada. You will also enter the sector you are most interested in if you want to work in your field in Canada.


To do an internship in Canada, your level of English must be between 6.5 and 9.0 in IELTS (or have an equivalent qualification).

For those who do not have this English level, there is the possibility of doing an English course that provides a guaranteed internship.

Go Study Canada can offer you an internship in companies in your preferred industry. An internship abroad is one of the best possible experiences for your career.

Go Study Canada offers free support and services to organize your professional internship in Canada.

You can sign up for one while enrolling in a Work-Study program at a career college, and we can help you find the best solution for your needs! Canadian career colleges offer work-study co-ops in various fields, such as marketing, business, and hospitality. At the end of your study path, you’ll access professional internships in Canadian companies and jobs related to your course of study.

Canadian colleges are committed to placing students with companies in the relevant sector. During your study path, you’ll have the chance to start your selection process: you’ll have to attend one or more interviews, and if your academic results are good, you may be able to obtain a paid internship. The internship has the same duration as the course and always takes place in the second half of your stay, at the end of your professional course. So if your course lasted six months, you can stay in Canada for another six months and work in your field of study.

These internships give you the opportunity to test your skills and experience daily within the Canadian job market, enriching your resume with a unique adventure.