Go Study Canada

First you should decide which city you wish to study in.

All destinations offer excellent English courses, and while some people may prefer the big cities, others may opt for a smaller town closer to the mountains or the sea.

Here are all the options to study English in Canada!

How to choose the right course?

Go Study Canada can help you choose the right city and the right English course. With such a wide range of courses, it is important to consider a number of factors such as price, school, facilities, nationality mix, method, and activities offered.

Our goal is to find the best course for your personal needs, goals, and budget.  Our direct contacts with many schools in Canada allow us to offer our students great prices and promotions throughout the year. Once you’re enrolled in one of our courses, our services are completely free.


For everyone

To develop your communication skills in everyday oral and written English.

This course covers all levels:

  • Beginner/elementary: for those who have never studied English
  • Pre-intermediate: for students with a basic school level
  • Intermediate: for those who have studied English at a good level in school
  • Upper-intermediate: for those who already have a good command of the language
  • Advanced: students who already have a very good level of English but want to improve it, especially in everyday use

General English courses start every Monday or every 4 weeks depending on the school. It is possible to move up a level and change classes according to your progress during the course.


International certificates

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are two international English language certifications. IELTS is a very important certificate in Canada, as it is required both to attend an academic course and to apply for sponsorship or residency. TOEFL is needed for admission to college or to professional courses.

There are two IELTS modules:

  1. General: for admission to colleges (vocational courses) or for immigration purposes
  2. Academic: for university admission

Both IELTS and TOEFL measure your English level through different tests in the areas of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Preparation courses for these tests are designed to prepare students for the exams in the best possible way.

The level of English required for the preparation courses must be at least Intermediate. Courses start every Monday, or every 4 weeks depending on school calendars.

The IELTS score goes from 0 to 9. The test includes multiple-choice questions, short answers, gap-fills, short essays. TOEFL is mostly a multiple-choice questions test.

Both certificates are valid for 2 years.


FCE and others

The main Cambridge exam preparation courses are:

  • FCE (First Certificate in English) intermediate to upper-intermediate English level;
  • CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) level of English from upper-intermediate to advanced;
  • CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) level of English from advanced to proficient.

Cambridge courses are generally the most comprehensive because they don’t just focus on test preparation, but are also all-round English courses.

Courses last 10-12 weeks and begin every 3 months, so you have the same class throughout your whole course.



Professional English for jobs related to marketing, tourism, business, etc (preparation for BEC exam). Very useful for accessing specific jobs. This course aims to improve your knowledge of technical English.


If you’re not 18 yet, a summer camp can be a good option!


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