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A study holiday in Canada is a unique opportunity that encourages personal growth in a stimulating and fascinating environment. You can learn English or French in an exciting, new and safe environment while getting to know and experience a new culture.

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Canada Summer Camps

For teens aged 15 to 18
Spend an unforgettable summer!

Why choose a summer camp in Canada?

The study holiday program at our partner schools is developed to meet all your needs. Lessons are interactive and students get the chance to practise the language both in and out of class, developing new vocabulary, learning idiomatic phrases and gaining confidence and fluency in English or French.

Students are placed in a class with an equal language level, have lessons in the morning (with some exceptions), and participate in activities in the afternoon with the class group under the constant supervision of a leader.

Social activities


They will depend on the city you choose. Our best-value summer packages are set in Toronto and Vancouver. In Toronto, you’ll see the Niagara Falls, go canoeing, play bowling and much more. In Vancouver, for example, you’ll be able to enjoy Mount Grouse, the Aquarium or barbecue nights.

What does the package include?

For 15-18 year olds the schools offer “all inclusive” packages which include:

  • English/French language course;
  • Accommodation with a Canadian family (selected by the school);
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks;
  • Trips, excursions and extracurricular activities;
  • Study materials;
  • All registration fees at the school;
  • Health insurance

What DOESN’T the package include?

Other expenses to be considered are:

  • Return flight;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Other personal expenses (shopping, transport, entertainment).

When does it stard and how long does it last?

Camps start in June and end in August. For a complete experience and to return with a good level of English, Go Study recommends a one-month package. You can also opt for three weeks or even two weeks.

Why plan your trip with Go Study?

Go Study Canada offers free advice and services to organise your study holiday in Canada. Thanks to our collaboration with numerous Canadian institutions, we also guarantee privileged access to exclusive promotions and special Go Study prices.