Go Study Canada

Canada is a safe and state-of-the-art country in education: the Canadian school system is among the best in the world.
Go Study Canada is associated with Canada’s major school districts, located primarily between Vancouver and Toronto. You can choose the school you prefer according to your personal and academic needs.

Would you like to prepare for college in Canada?

Whether for a semester or a full school year, Go Study Canada can help you through all the steps to make this unique experience a reality. You can live in an incredible country, full of wild nature, modern and multicultural cities and with one of the highest quality of life in the world.


High schools in Canada are divided into Junior High School and Senior High School.

  • Junior High School: 12-14 y.o.
  • Senior High School: 15-17 y.o.

The Canadian school year is divided into two “semesters” of 5 months of school each.

First semester: from September to January [registration until March];
Second semester: from February to June [registration until October].

It is possible to start courses both in September and February. Hours range from 7: 30-8:00 to 14:30-15: 00, including a long lunch break.


Junior High School programs include homestay accommodation with all meals included.

Canadian cities are very large, but families selected by schools are always in areas well served by public transport. The average distance between your accommodation and the school will be about 30-40 minutes by public transport.

Don’t worry, we will support you in every step to make sure your experience in Canada is the best possible!


We will support you in choosing the visa that best suits your needs:

  • Do you want to leave for a semester? Tourist visa or study permit.
  • Do you want to study an entire course in Canada? Study permit.

What does the program include?

  • Semester / school year price
  • Accommodation in a Canadian homestay and meals included during the stay
  • Health insurance
  • Transfer airport-accommodation
  • Declaration of custody fee: document for the custody of a child in Canada
  • Pre-qualification review fee


  • Semester: from CAD 14,000 (Canadian dollars);
  • Year: from 26,300 CAD;
  • Go Study does not charge for its services.


  • Recommended age: 15-17 years;
  • English level: school;
  • Documentation: academic reports in Spanish and their translation into English.